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Curriculum Vitae


Research Interests

  • Creating special seismotectonical GIS including earthquake epicentres and detailed data of them, and 22 other different digital maps (ArcView 3.2)
  • Detailed analyses of the geo-environmental parameters at the surroundings of earthquake epicentres at territory of Hungary by applying geoinformation systems (ArcView Spatial and 3D Analyst)
  • Deterministic seismic hazard estimation by hybrid method (method developed at Departimento di Scienze della Terra, Trieste, Italy)
  • Creating seismic risk map of Debrecen and Budapest by applying GIS tools
  • Detailed investigations of the earthquakes occurred in the eastern part of Nyírség (Érmellék region, Hungary-Romania)
  • Hypocenter-relocation by HYPOINVERSE-2000 taking into account the special 3D velocity model of deep sediments situated in the Pannonian basin
  • Focal depths analysis of earthquakes in the Carpathian Basin
  • Estimation of the upper limit of prehistoric earthquakes using the parameters of intact speleothems in Hungary, in Bulgaria and in Slovakia (in-situ measurements in karstic caves)


Publications (2015 - march 2019)


Invited talks and conference contributions (2015 - march 2019)