Homogenisation of Radiosonde Observations

Comprehensive Homogenisation of Radiosonde Observations


Comprehensive homogenisation of radiosonde temperature, wind and humidity observations all over the globe and as far back as possible (1930s in some cases). This work is an important component of global reanalysis efforts that aim to provide temporally homogeneous gridded fields of atmospheric parameters back to the early 20th century. It is conducted  in cooperation with ECMWF, ETH Zurich UK MetOffice and other international institutions.

Homogenisation methods in general

Diagnostic evaluations of the global atmospheric energy cycle, with emphasis on the temporal evolution of the energy transports, such as zonal mean horizontal fluxes. See also research project Atmospheric Energy Transports.






Pictures: Temperature trends at radiosonde stations in K / 10a at 300 hPa in the period 1954-1974. Only stations with more than 19 years data in this period are considered. a) Before homogenization, b) after homogenization.