Welcome to the Department of Meteorology and Geophysics

Our work applies mathematics and physics to the study of physical processes occuring in and around the Earth. For our research, field observations, high-performance computing, and remote sensing methods get combined.

The overarching goal of our work is to further the understanding of the physics of our planet. Much of our research is devoted to (numerical) weather prediction, climatology, seismology, and the Earth's gravity field.

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10 open positions in atmospheric science at our department

The University of Vienna is seeking for applicants for 10 open positions (2 permanent, 4 post-doc, 4 PhD) in convective-scale NWP / data assimilation...


Our Hacathon-Team places 2nd!


ZIB2 reports about AlpArray

On Monday 16.09.2019 the Austrian news show ZIB2 reported in detail about the AlpArray project, focusing on our work to detect rockslides using the...

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Citizen Science Hackathon

Join the Citizen Science Hackathon, form your team and build together a proof of concept for the product! Citizen Science is scientific research...

14.01.2020 12:15

Meteorological-Geophysical Colloquium

Lecture to the topic "Geodynamic earth models with variational data-assimilation as a tool to reconstruct Cenozoic earth structure."