Datum: Dienstags von 12:15 bis 13:30 Uhr


06/10/2020 - Sabine ECKHARDT: "Sources and Concentrations of Black Carbon in the Arctic"
13/10/2020 - Saikiran THARIMENA: "Seismic anatomy of the global oceanic lithosphere - asthenosphere system"
20/10/2020 - Georg MAYR: "Data-driven weather forecasting that includes the end-user"
03/11/2020 - Rona THOMPSON: "Using FLEXPART to estimate greenhouse gas sources and sinks"
10/11/2020 - Yvonne RUCKSTUHL: "Addressing model error by estimating model parameters with ensemble data assimilation"
17/11/2020 - Roland POTTHAST: "Online versus 4D Parameter Estimation for NWP - Equivalences and Differences"
24/11/2020 - Ulrike ROMATSCHKE: "NCAR radar and lidar data from field campaigns"
01/12/2020 - Domenico CIMINI: "Profiling the atmospheric boundary layer at European scale: Prospects and challenges"
15/12/2020 - George CRAIG: "Forecast probabilities from very large ensembles"
19/01/2021 - Florian MEIER: "Challenges in NWP-based nowcasting with a limited area model"