Das Kolloquium wird in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Forschungsverbund VINAR und der ZAMG (Zentralanstalt für Meteorologie und Geodynamik) durchgeführt.

Datum: Dienstags von 16:30 bis 18:00 Uhr

Raum: 2B204

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02/03/2021 - Owen R. COOPER: "An update on ever-changing global tropospheric ozone trends"
09/03/2021 - Blaz GASPARINI: "Tropical anvil cloud lifecycle in present and future climate"
16/03/2021 - Aitor ATENCIA: "Blending techniques at ZAMG for a seamless forecast"
23/03/2021 - Pavla WALDHAUSEROVA: "Impact of high-latitude dust on atmosphere and climate"
30/03/2021 - Lara WAGNER: "Seismic Insights into Earth's Deep Water Cycle: A story in three parts"
06/04/2021 - Vaclav KUNA: "Seismic crustal imaging using fin whale songs"
13/04/2021 - Lucrezia TERZI: "Global and seasonal analysis of 7Be concentrations and large-scale atmospheric circulation dynamics"
04/05/2021 - Ivana STIPERSKI: "Extending similarity theory into complex terrain"
11/05/2021 - Chris MARONE: "On the Mechanics of Slow Earthquakes and Lab Earthquake Prediction"
18/05/2021 - Stefan SCHNEIDER: "Soil modelling activities at ZAMG"
25/05/2021 - Mostafa MOUSAVI: "How AI Changes the Way We Monitor Earthquakes"
01/06/2021 - Sophia SCHAEFER: "Addressing radiation and cloud uncertainties with the new radiation scheme ecRad in ICON"
08/06/2021 - Chi ZHANG: "Probing water distribution in carbonate rocks – a critical zone geophysical perspective"
15/06/2021 - Gerhard DIENDORFER: "Today's challenges in lightning location"
29/06/2021 - Leonhard SCHECK: "Using solar satellite channels for data assimilation and model evaluation"