Brainstorming Session about Severe Storms


The scientific session on convective storms was held on 5 July 2018 at the Department of Meteorology and Geophysics (IMGW). The main scope of the brainstorming session was introduction of an advanced method for studying severe storms over Vienna region*) and discussion about the possibility to jointly apply with ZAMG for the FWF or FFG project. The session was very constructive with introductory speech about severe convection given by Univ. Prof. Dr. Vlado Spiridonov, as the chairman and moderator of the session. He has provided a brief description of the convective processes, the main triggering factors of their formation and initiation. In addition he has illustrated some results of the cloud modeling studies. Then, a new method for studying severe storms with a specific activities related to the project realization was presented by Prof. Dr. Mladjen Curic, as the invited expert from Belgrade University. A very constructive discussions were followed by Univ. Prof. Dr. Manfred Dorninger, Univ. Prof. Dr. Leopold Haimberger and distinguished Prof. Reinhold Steinacker, about data acquisition, model initialization and the basic science prospective. Experts from ZAMG under leadership of Mag. Wittmann Christoph showed a very advanced knowledge of the proposed concept and method. They were interested about the project elements with a special emphasis on modeling techniques and the proposed mesoscale-cloud model coupled system. Our experts from IMGW (Drs. Drüszler and Blaschek, Mr. Sharifi, M.Sc.) also showed interest in the proposed method especially on Cloud Resolving Model (CRM), configuration, initialization, initial and boundary conditions, model running and expected results. Dott. Dott. ric. Stefano Serafin was also consulted regarding his experience in related field as well as in respect to the project proposal, the question related to PI and funding modality. At the end of the session some principal conclusions with recommendations have been adopted for future continuation of the process by strengthening the collaboration between IMGW and ZAMG, preparation of a demonstration project and its final application.

*) Click here to see a 3-D simulation of Vienna severe storm on 10 July 2017

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