Welcome to the Department of Meteorology and Geophysics

Our work applies mathematics and physics to the study of physical processes occuring in and around the Earth. For our research, field observations, high-performance computing, and remote sensing methods get combined.

The overarching goal of our work is to further the understanding of the physics of our planet. Much of our research is devoted to (numerical) weather prediction, climatology, seismology, and the Earth's gravity field.

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 N E W S


Sophie, Studierende des Joint-Masterstudiums "Physics of the Earth" der Uni Wien und der Comenius Universität in Bratislava, im "Humans of University...


With the new professorship the University of Vienna sends a clear signal towards stronger engagement in research on climate and sustainable...


Last month we had to say goodbye to two long-time employees.

 E V E N T S

06.10.2020 12:15

Meteorological-Geophysical Colloquium

Lecture by Dr. Sabine Eckhardt (NILU, Kjeller).

20.10.2020 12:15

Meteorological-Geophysical Colloquium

Lecture by Prof. Georg Mayr (ACINN Innsbruck).

27.10.2020 12:15

Meteorological-Geophysical Colloquium

Lecture by Dr. Joan Cuxart (UIB, Palma de Mallorca).