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The new Departmental computer classroom has been put into operations in March 2011. The remodeling of the computer classroom was initiated by Prof....


Prof. Grubisic appointed as Director of NCAR's Earth Observation Lab

On July 1st, our Professor for Dynamic Meteorology, Vanda Grubisic, will take office as director of the renowned Earth Observation Laboratory at the...


Meteorological real-time information for Japan

In 6-hour intervals you will find on our website, air currents, precipitation and long-distance transport, for the greater area of Japan


Promotio sub auspiciis praesidentis

We are very pleased to inform you on the Promotio sub auspiciis praesidentis rei publicae taking place on March 14, 11ct, in Großer Festsaal der...


A paper in the "Top-50 most cited articles"

The paper "Wüstefeld, A., Bokelmann, G., Barruol, G., Zaroli, C., 2008, Splitlab: a shear-wave splitting environment in Matlab", Computers &...


A radiosonde climb with camera in Turnau delivered impressive pictures.

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