Ein Testprojekt um Flexpart in einem Kubernetes cluster auf Microsoft Azure zu betreiben. Gesponsert vom ZID. Danke


An international team of scientists with participation of Andreas Stohl and Andreas Plach (both Meteorology and Geophysics) found evidence of Southern...


New study: Microplastic fibers are settling substantially slower than spherical particles in the atmosphere and might even reach stratosphere...


This year, the Up-Goer Five challenge will be part of the EGU General Assembly for the first time. In the challenge, speakers have to present their...


On the 12th of December 2023, the first "Bake your PhD" event organized by the VISESS PhD Board took place. The task was simple: be creative in the...


On 23 October 2023, the first Career Day of Meteorology took place at the Department of Meteorology and Geophysics (IMG). 70 students from all years...


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 Previous Events


VISESS Big Picture Talk

Big Picture 3: The Story of Water: Origins in Space, Travels on Earth and Impacts on People

12.02.2020 11:00

Öffentlich kommissionelle Prüfung (Defensio)

Zum Thema "Seismological contributions on the crustal structure and stress field in the wider Vienna Basin region from AlpArray".

21.01.2020 12:15

Meteorological-Geophysical Colloquium

Lecture to the topic "Mediterranean thermohaline circulation and large scale limatic patterns."

21.01.2020 00:00

Information event for the study of meteorology for freshmen and advanced students

Information from the Director of Studies (SPL 28) about planning the new semester with the possibility to ask questions.

14.01.2020 12:15

Meteorological-Geophysical Colloquium

Lecture to the topic "Geodynamic earth models with variational data-assimilation as a tool to reconstruct Cenozoic earth structure."

10.12.2019 12:15

Meteorological-Geophysical Colloquium

Lecture to the topic "Land-atmosphere interactions from a climate impact perspective".