Panel discussion on the semester question: "A civilizational challenge"


On June 14th, the concluding and top-class panel discussion on the semester question "How do we humans impact the planet?" took place. UN Development Programme director Achim Steiner gave the keynote speech, in which he referred to the recently published 2020 Human Development Report, and then discussed with the experts.

Here you can find the whole discussion.

The online discussion on the semester question "Earth" was conducted in English, the experts met in the Small Ballroom of the University of Vienna. From left: Meteorologist Andreas Stohl (University of Vienna), Martin Kotynek (editor-in-chief of "Der Standard"), Katharina Rogenhofer (federal spokesperson of the Climate People's Initiative and University of Vienna alumna), Achim Steiner (Head of the United Nations Development Programme) and environmental economist Alexandra Brausmann (University of Vienna). (© derknopfdruecker.com)