Completion of the renovation work


On July 9, 2020, the completion of the renovation work in the area of the Faculty of Earth Sciences, Geography and Astronomy was celebrated.

In addition to the end of the multiyear renovation works and changes in ​​the southern part of the UZA II, the converted meteorological rooms were also opened for its purpose.
In his speech, VD Prof. Haimberger reviewed the planning and renovation phase and thanked VR Prof. Hitzenberger for the support from the rectorate.

Now the new employees in the field of meteorology have modern work opportunities for research and teaching.

Celebrate in corona times: from left to right: Mrs. Astrid Heusmann, Prof. Martin Weissmann, Prof. Andreas Stohl, Prof. Christian Lengauer, VD Prof. Leopold Haimberger, VR Prof. Regina Hitzenberger, Ass.-Prof. Manfred Dorninger, Dean Prof. Petra Heinz and Hr. Markus Ristic. (© IMGW)