Aiko Voigt starts as new professor for "Climate Science“


On Jan 1, 2021 Aiko Voigt has joined the Department of Meteorology and Geophysics.

His research team "Climate Dynamics and Modelling" will target the role of clouds in the climate system. The main research tool will be the unified modeling system ICON, which at the same time allows for idealized simulations of aquaplanets or dry atmospheres as well as for traditional low-resolution simulations and next-generation storm-resolving simulations of the global climate system. By combining these modeling capabilities with the analysis of observational data and theory, he and his team aim to in particular clarify the impact of ice clouds on regional climate, the dynamics of tropical rain belts, and the habitability of Snowball Earth planets. Aiko also plans to include the ICON model in his teaching activities.

Aiko gave a first impression of his research and plans for Vienna in his January lecture "The (uncertain) role of clouds for regional climate change". The lecture was part of the lecture series "Climate Change and Climate Crisis" and is available here.

We wish Aiko and his team a warm welcome and are looking forward to many interesting collaborations.

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