Open Air Kino und Diskussionen, u. a. mit Klimaforscher Aiko Voigt und dem Film "The Day After Tomorrow" am 5. Juni 2023


"Jetzt geht es um alles", sagt Meteorologie-Alumni Marcus Wadsak im neuen UNIVIE-Alumni-Magazin. Er setzt sich für bessere Klima-Kommunikation ein...


The additional wind information from the Aeolus mission leads to a significant reduction forecast errors in data assimilation experiments.


Science is fascinating, impactful, multifaceted - and female, too! To mark the International Day of Women and Girls in Science on Feb 11, we have...


New year, new snapshots - new photo competition: The "Snapshots of Exploration" photo competition for students at the Faculty of Earth Sciences,...


Viennese meteorologists: Transport of air mass from the Pacific Ocean explains weather conditions associated with El Niño in North America, South...


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Summer School “Basic Aerosol Science 2022”

The Summer School “Basic Aerosol Science 2022” will be held onsite in Vienna from 10 – 16 July 2022.


Defensio von Hr. Artemii NOVOSELOV

Titel der Dissertation: ThunderSeis: Seismic analysis of thunder signals

20.05.2022 16:00

Defensio von Hr. Eric Löberich

Titel der Dissertation: Constraints on the Origin of Anisotropy in the Upper Mantle: More Insights from SKS Shear-Wave Splitting


VISESS Big Picture Talk

Big Picture 3: The Story of Water: Origins in Space, Travels on Earth and Impacts on People

12.02.2020 11:00

Öffentlich kommissionelle Prüfung (Defensio)

Zum Thema "Seismological contributions on the crustal structure and stress field in the wider Vienna Basin region from AlpArray".

21.01.2020 12:15

Meteorological-Geophysical Colloquium

Lecture to the topic "Mediterranean thermohaline circulation and large scale limatic patterns."