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Seismic Records


On 14th October 2013, at 20:36:43 UTC (22:36 MESZ), a magnitude 2.4 (mb) seismic event took place at the boundary between Czech republic and Germany. The epicenter has been located at 15 km West of Dormazlice (CZ) and 22 km North of Cham (DE) (ESMC source). The event was perfectly recorded by the 8 seismic stations deployed in the vicinity of the source in the frame of our project in the area of the KTB drill site.

The occurrence of this close event represents a good opportunity to further test the good functioning of our equipment. Traces recorded by seismic stations are shown in the figure, sorted according to the station-event distance, whit marks for the arrival times of the P- and S-waves.


AGU 2014 presentation



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