Althanstraße 14 (UZA II), 1090 Wien

Roomnumber: 2D506
Tel.: +43-1-4277-537 28


Curriculum Vitae


Research Interest

  • anisotropy and AVO effects in regards to rock-physics
  • geological and geophysical petroleum exploration of High Arctic regions ahd understanding and utilization of Big Data and Machine Learning techniques in Geoscience


Publications, invited talks and conference contributions 

  • Fuchs, F., Novoselov, A., Bokelmann, G., Seismo-acoustic ground coupling: Wave types, transfer efficiency, and near-surface structure, Chat at the EGU 2020, Vienna
  • Hein, G., Novoselov, A., Fuchs, F., Bokelmann, G., Matching seismic activity with potential sources using machine Learning, Chat at the EGU 2020, Vienna
  • Novoselov, A., Hein, G., Bokelmann, G., Fuchs, F., TraML: separation of seismically-induced ground-motion signals with Autoencoder architecture, Chat at the EGU 2020, Vienna
  • Novoselov, A., Fuchs, F., Bokelmann, First results of the (Infrasound-Seismoacoustic) "Ground Coupling Experiment", oral presentation at the CTBTO Infrasound Technology Workshop 2019 ITW, Jordan
  • Novoselov, A., Fuchs, F., Dorninger, M., Bokelmann, G., ThunderSeis: Seismic Analysis of Thunder Infrasound, poster at the CTBTO, SnT 2019, Vienna
  • Seismic forward modeling using Python programming language: algorithm for flexible solution, International Scientific-Technical Conference NIS, Novi Sad, Serbia, 2018
  • Geological Uplift and Erosion - Impact on Reservoir Quality of Petroleum Systems in the Barents Sea, Novoselov A. et al., EarthDoc (​doi:10.3997/2214-4609.201800330​), 2018
  • Lecturer participant of “Facing New Challenges: Global Insight by Lukoil-Overseas”, Perm, Russia, 2015
  • “Source-rock formations of Middle Devonian on the example of Barrandnian synclinorium of Czech Republic”, International student science conference “West Siberian Petroleum Conference”, Tumen, Russia, 2014
  • Lecturer participant of XXI International conference for students, postgraduates and young scientists “Lomonosov”, Moscow, Russia, 2014
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