Gerrit HEIN, MSc.



Althanstraße 14 (UZA II), 1090 Wien

Roomnumber: 2D506
Tel.: +43-1-4277-537 27

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Curriculum Vitae


Research Interest

  • natural hazards and seismologyambient noise
  • instrumentation and geophysical monitoring
  • applying machine learning tools in the scope of earth sciences
  • source detection in large data sets


Publications, invited talks and conference contributions 

  • Bokelmann, G., Hein, G., Extracting robust splitting measurements for the AlpArray using the splitting intensity method, Chat at the EGU 2020, Vienna
  • Hein, G., Novoselov, A., Fuchs, F., Bokelmann, G., Matching seismic activity with potential sources using machine Learning, Chat at the EGU 2020, Vienna
  • Novoselov, A., Hein, G., Bokelmann, G., Fuchs, F., TraML: separation of seismically-induced ground-motion signals with Autoencoder architecture, Chat at the EGU 2020, Vienna
  • Hein, G., Bokelmann, G., the AlpArray Working Group, Extracting robust splitting measurements from the splitting intensity method, poster at the 2nd AlpArray Meeting, Frankfurt 2019
  • Hein, G., Löberich, E., Bokelmann, G., Automatic Shear-Wave Splitting Analysis with SplitWave, presentation at the AlpArray Seismic Anisotropy Workshop, Uni Wien, 2019
  • Stähler, S. C., Schmid-Aursch, M.C., Hein, G., Mars, R., A self-noise model for the german Depas OBS pool, Seismological Research Letters
  • Hein, G., A noise model for the german Depas OBS pool, New advances in Geophysics: The Future of Passive Seismic Axquisition, The Royal Society of Edinburgh 11.11.2018
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