Meteorology and Climatology

The group of "Meteorology and Climatology" focuses on the one hand on a broad and mostly application-oriented field concerning the weather and climate phenomena within complex terrain, on the other hand on the theoretical questions around dynamical modelling of mesoscale and model evaluation.

The dynamical modelling deals with the theoretical description and numerical modelling of mesoscalic and small-scale physical processes in the earth atmosphere.

The diagnosis of climate variability concerns with the evaluation of reanalysis in collaboration with the ECMWF and with the needful necessary control and correcture of observation time series of radiosondes.

The synoptic meteorology includes the analysis and prediction of the actual weather situation on the meso- and microscale as well as the verification of forecasts.

The experimental meteorology covers development and performance of measuring campaigns and field experiments and further the process-orientated data processing and analysis.






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