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Curriculum Vitae

  • Post-doc/University Assistant - Seismology 2014-Present University of Vienna Department of Meteorology and Geophysics
  • Post-Doctoral Fellow Exploration Seismology 2011 - 2014 University of Alberta, Microseismic Industry Consortium project
  • Ph.D. in Marine Geosciences 2007 - 2011 IFREMER -University of Western Brittany, Case studies on fluids and seismicity in submarine environments based on Ocean Bottom Seismometers (OBS) recordings from the Sea of Marmara and application to the Niger Delta
  • MSc. in Geophysics 2005 - 2007 University Joseph Fourier Towards the imagery of silent earthquakes (Guerrero area, Mexico)


  • Relationships between fluids and deformation, seismotectonic analysis, seismicity location, marine geophysics
  • Reservoir deformation, resonance phenomena, interferometry, fluid-filled crack and fluid-flow models
  • Time-frequency transforms (autoregressive models, wavelet transform...), spectral estimation, time series analysis
  • Aseismic deformation, inverse problems


Conference and extended abstracts

  • Tary, J. B., Herrera, R. H., & van der Baan, M. (2013), The Synchrosqueezing Transform for High-resolution Time-frequency Representation of Microseismic Recordings, 75th EAGE Conference, London.
  • Tary, J. B., van der Baan, M., & Eaton, D. (2013), Interpretation of Resonance Frequencies Recorded during Hydraulic Fracturing, 75th EAGE Conference, London.
  • Herrera, R. H., Tary, J. B., & van der Baan, M. (2013), Time-Frequency Representation of Microseismic Signals using the Synchrosqueezing Transform, CSEG Geoconvention, Calgary.
  • Tary, J. B., van der Baan, M., & Eaton, D. (2013), On the Interpretation of Resonance Frequencies Recorded during Microseismic Experiments, CSEG Geoconvention, Calgary.
  • Eaton, D. W., van der Baan, M., Tary, J. B., Birkelo, B., & Cutten, S. (2013), Low-Frequency Tremor Signals from a Hydraulic Fracture Treatment in Northeast British Columbia, Canada, 4th EAGE Passive Seismic Workshop, Amsterdam, PS06.
  • Tary, J. B., & van der Baan, M. (2012), Analysis of continuous microseismic recordings: Resonance frequencies and unusual events, AGU Fall meeting, San Francisco, S31B-08.
  • Tary, J. B., & van der Baan, M. (2012), Unusual events and resonance frequencies in microseismic experiments, CSEG GeoConvention, Calgary.
  • Sultan, N., Riboulot, V., Ker, S., Marsset, B., Géli, L, Tary, J. B., Klingelhoefer, F., Voisset, M., Lanfumey, V., Colliat, J., Adamy, J., & Grimaud, S. (2012), Pore Pressure Monitoring of Active Fault-Fluid-Hydrate System in Deep Water, Nigeria, Offshore Technical Conference, OTC-23260, Houston, TX.
  • Bayrakci, G., Scalabrin, C., Leblond, I., Géli, L., & Tary, J. B. (2012), Monitoring of gas emission in the Marmara Sea by the combined study of the Acoustic Bubble Detector and Ocean Bottom Seismometers, EGU General Assembly, Vienna, Abstract EGU2012-8756.
  • Tary, J. B., Géli, L., Henry, P., Natalin, B., Gasperini, L., Comoglu, M., & Bardainne, T. (2010), Sea-Bottom Observations from the Western Escarpment of the Sea of Marmara, EGU General Assembly, Vienna, Abstract EGU2010-4717.
  • Tary, J., Bardainne, T., Géli, L., Henry, P., Yilmazer, M., Tryon, M., Natalin, B., Cagatay, N., Burnard, P., and S. Bourlange (2008), Micro-seismicity of the submerged section of the North-Anatolian Fault within the Sea of Marmara : Results from Ocean Bottom Seismometers, Eos Trans. AGU, 89 (53), Fall Meet. Suppl., Abstract T13A-1926.
  • Tary, J., Cotton, F., Campillo, M., Cotte, N., Walpersdorf, A., & Vergnolle, M. (2007), Inversion of Geodetic Data Monitoring the 2002 Silent Earthquake in the Guerrero Seismic gap: Resolution and non Uniqueness Analysis, Eos Trans. AGU, 88(52), Fall Meet. Suppl., Abstract S53C-06.


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