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Curriculum Vitae


  • Creating special seismotectonical GIS including earthquake epicentres and detailed data of them, and 22 other different digital maps (ArcView 3.2)
  • Detailed analyses of the geo-environmental parameters at the surroundings of earthquake epicentres at territory of Hungary by applying geoinformation systems (ArcView Spatial and 3D Analyst)
  • Deterministic seismic hazard estimation by hybrid method (method developed at Departimento di Scienze della Terra, Trieste, Italy)
  • Creating seismic risk map of Debrecen and Budapest by applying GIS tools
  • Detailed investigations of the earthquakes occurred in the eastern part of Nyírség (Érmellék region, Hungary-Romania)
  • Hypocenter-relocation by HYPOINVERSE-2000 taking into account the special 3D velocity model of deep sediments situated in the Pannonian basin
  • Focal depths analysis of earthquakes in the Carpathian Basin
  • Estimation of the upper limit of prehistoric earthquakes using the parameters of intact speleothems in Hungary, in Bulgaria and in Slovakia (in-situ measurements in karstic caves)


  • Kiszely, M., Monus, P., Gribovszki, K., A "Szeismológia az iskolában" program elidítása Magyarországon (the "Seismology in school" project starts in Hungary) in Hungarian. Magyar Geofizika (Hungarian Geophysics) 58 évf., 3. szám, 191-196.
  • Gribovszki, K., Kovács, K., Mónus, P., Bokelmann, G., Konecny, P., Lednická, M., Moseley, G., Edwards, R. L., Spötl, C., Bednárik, M., Brimich, L., Hegymegi, E., Tóth, L., Kegyes-Brassai, Cs., Szeidovitz, Gy., Contraints on long-term seismic hazard from vulnerable stalagmite in Plavecká priepast cave, Slovakia, (Hosszú távú földrengés-veszélyeztetettség becslése a Detrekoi-zsombloy (Kis-Kárpátok, Szlovákia) sértetlen állócseppkövének vizsgálatával), Magyar Geofizika, 58. évf. /2017) 1. szám, 1-16
  • Gribovszki, K., Kovács, K., Mónus, P., Bokelmann, G., Konecny, P., Lednická, M., Moseley, G., Spötl, C., Edwards, R.L., Bednárik, M., Brimich, L., Tóth, L., Estimating the upper limit of prehistoric peak ground acceleration using an in-situ, intact and vulnerable stalagmite from Plavecká priepast cave (Detrekői-zsomboly), Little Carpathians, Slovakia - first results, Journal of Seismology, 21(5), 1111-1130, DOI 10.1007/s10950-017-9655-3
  • Konecny, P., Lednická, M., Soucek,K., Stas, L., Kubina, L., Gribovszki, K., Determination of dynamic Young's modulus of vulnerable speleothems. Acta Montanistica Slovaca, ISSN 1335-1788, 20 (2), 156-163.
  • Bianchi, I., Anselmi, M, Apoloner, M.-T., Qorbani, E., Gribovszki, K., Bokelmann, G., The installation campaign of 9 seismic stations around the KTB site to test anisotropy detection by the Receiver Function Technique, Adv. Geosci, 41, 11-23, 2015, doi: 10.5194/adgeo-41-11-2015
  • Mentes, G., Eperné Pápai, I., Gribovszki, K., Kis, M., Koppán, A., Hungarian contribution to the research on earth tides and tectonic movements observed by extensometers - IAG Commission 3, Geomatikai Közlemenyek 18:(1), p. 33, (2015)
  • Mentes, G., Bán, D., Bányai, L., Bódis, V.B., Eperné Pápai, I., Kalmár, J., Gribovszki, K., Újvári, G., Szucs, E., Papp, G., Hungarian contribution to the research on positioning and applications - IAG Commission 4, Geomatikai Közlemények 18:(1), p. 37, (2015)
  • Harangi, S., Novák, A., Kiss, B., Seghedi, I., Lukács, R., Szarka, L., Wesztergom, V., Metwaly, M., Gribovszki, K., Combined magnetotelluric and petrologic contrains for the nature of the magma storage system beneath the late pleistocene ciomadul volcano (se carpathians), Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research 290: pp. 82-96, (2015)
  • Wéber, Z., Galsa, A., Gráczer, Z., Gribovszki, K., Gyori, E., Kiszely M., Kovács, I.J., Szanyi, G., Süle, B., Varga, P., Hungarian National Report on IASPEI (011-2014), Geomatikai Közlemények 18:(1), p. 125, (2015)

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