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  • Course replacement in Module PM-Num (Master Meteorology 2011)

Following courses need to be completed in PM-Num "Numerical Modelling" of the Master study Meteorology, version 2011:

npi: 2 SSt, 2 ECTS, Applied numerical methods of Meteorology
pi: 2 SSt, 3 ECTS, Exercise course in Applied numerical methods of Meteorology

These courses are no longer offered und therefore have to be replaced either by:

npi: 2 SSt, 3 ECTS, 269011 VO Numerical Methods III - Optimisation 
npi: 2 SSt, 3 ECTS, 269012 VO Numerical Methods IV - Partial Differential Equation

or by

npi: 2 SSt, 3 ECTS, 260018 VO Scientific Computing 
npi: 1 SSt, 2 ECTS, 260003 UE Übungen zu Scientific Computing

To avoid redundancies, mixing courses among these two blocks is not allowed. All replacements are offered by SPL 26.

Students, who have completed the Bachelor study "Meteorology" (Version 2011), may alternatively use the module PM-Num "Numerische Methoden der Meteorologie" (8 ECTS) provided by the Bachelor study "Meteorology" (Version 2015).


  • Course "Wetterbesprechung" (Master module PM-WV)

The course "Weather Discussion" (2 SWS, 5 ECTS) of the Master study Meteorology (version 2011) is currently assigned to the module PM-WV and offered each winter term, while it has been removed from the Bachelor study since 2015. Hence, students having completed the Bachelor study Meteorology (version 2015) can attend the weather discussion in their consecutive Master study only in winter term. However, they should get familiar with all seasonally dependent weather situations.

Therefore, the course "Weather Discussion" will be separated into two courses (1 SWS and 2.5 ECTS each) offered consecutively in the winter and summer term.

Due to technical reasons, these two courses will be assigned to the module PM-MetNawi. Students can register by selecting the "Interessensmodul". After having completed both parts students need to apply for recognition in module PM-WV.


  • Eligible courses in the module PM-Nawi of the Bachelor curriculum or in the module PM-MetNawi of the Master curriculum in Meteorology
    Eligible courses can be viewed at the following regularly updated lists:



        Non-listed courses can be chosen only after approval by SPL 28

    Students can register for courses by selecting the "Interessensmodul". After having earned the required ECTS credits the modules are completed formally by a subject examination. This is done by consulting the director of study administration (SPL 28, Meteorology) who approves the earned ECTS credits on the corresponding credit certificate: 

      credit certificate PM-Nawi

      credit certificate PM-MetNawi
    The credit certificate has then to be submitted to the SSC.

  • Registration and supervision of a Bachelor thesis:

The Bachelor thesis can only be supervised by a member of the teaching staff of the Bachelor seminar. Before starting the thesis, it must be registered () strictly following a specific organisational procedure:

The supervisor of the Bachelor thesis will also supervise the internship. After acknowledgment of the activity, credits will be received by submitting the following application forms at SSC:

Bachelor thesis  

  • Registration and supervision of Master theses:

Master theses are supervised by professors and habilitated staff of the University of Vienna. Students must register their thesis at the SSC before beginning the work. The implementing rules for supervision of Master theses  as well as a specific organisational procedure () must be strictly met.

  • Submission of Master theses and Registration for the Master examination
  • need specific organisational procedures to be strictly observed:  


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