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Bachelor Meteorology

The main intention of the Bachelor program in Meteorology at the University of Vienna is to acquire academic core competence and theoretically sound problem solving competence in the field of meteorology. It provides students with a broad and scientifically based education in meteorology and its applications including climatology.

Based on the mathematical principles of physics, students become familiar with specific ways of thinking and working in the field of meteorology. Additionally, students acquire proficiency in the use of modern information technologies, electronic data processing as well as physical measurement techniques.

The Bachelor program provides students with a general survey of the entire field of meteorology with emphasis lying on understanding atmospheric processes as well as on application-oriented aspects.

Graduates are well prepared for the needs of national and international meteorological services. General job opportunities beyond the field of meteorology arise due to intensive work with electronic data processing and training of both analytical and logical thinking. The knowledge and skills acquired during this Bachelor program qualify the graduates for the Master program in meteorology.


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