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Observations and Numerical Modelling of Small-scale Processes in Complex Terrain


Terrain-Induced Rotor Experiment (T-REX)

Extensive observational and numerical modelling campaign of small-scale processes in complex terrain. [more]

Lee Wave Resonance

Numerical and Theoretical Study of Lee Wave Resonance over Multiple Mountain Ranges. [more]

Wave-Induced Boundary-Layer Separation

Observational and semi-idealised numerical study of boundary-layer separation induced by mountain gravity waves. [more]

The Atmospheric Wake of Madeira Island

Mesoscale numerical modelling study of the i-Wake observational record using WRF model. [more]

Analysis of Lidar Wind Data

Analysis of Lidar wind data recorded at a nearby wind farm site. [more]

Undular Bores in the Atmosphere

Numerical study of an atmospheric undular bore over the Gulf of Mexico. [more]

Thermally-Driven Circulations

Idealised numerical studies of thermally-driven circulations in mountain valleys. [more]


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