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Fields of Research

   Observations and Numerical Modelling

Prof. Vanda Grubišić, Dr. Stefano Serafin and coworkers: observations and numerical modelling of meso- and microscale atmospheric processes in complex terrain.

   Homogenisation and Global Energy Transports

Prof. Leo Haimberger and coworkers: homogenisation (evaluation and correction) of observational data and research on atmospheric energy transports, both relevant for climate change research.

   Atmospheric Transport Modelling

Prof. Petra Seibert and coworkers: atmospheric transport modelling and inverse modelling of trace substance sources.

   Theoretical Meteorology Research Forum

Emer. Prof. Michael Hantel and coworkers: The Theoretical Meteorology Research Forum employs novel mathematical techniques to fundamental problems of geophysical fluid dynamics and explores the limits of snow and vegetation in the High Alps.


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