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Bringing the equipment
Testing a fuel cell
Installing A001A inside bunker
Entrance to A001A inside bunker
Components of A004A
Castle housing A004A
Fixing antennas for A005A
Installing A005A
Components of A005A
Winter impressions of A005A
A006A inside wine cellar
An afternoon at A006A
Castle housing A007A
Components of A008A
Shelter for A008A
Components of A009A
Shelter for A009A
Sensor setup at A010A
House of A010A
Solar panel installation
Box of fuel cell
Components of A014A
Housing of A014A
Components of A017A
Shelter for A017A
Setting up the data logger
Mounting of solar panels
Shelter for A019A
Bringing power to A021A
Shelter for A021A
Setting up a sensor
Checking the sensor
Checking sensor orientation
Installing a sensor
A336A inside wine cellar
Checking sensor orientation
Sensor thermal cover
Installing A339A



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