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FracRisk Documentary Film: One of the outcomes of the FracRisk project, in which our department was involved, is the documentary film
about shale gas, the industrial activity, and how to control its environmental footprint in an European setting. More information about the project can be found in https://www.fracrisk.eu/.

Dowsing is humbug: Film in the Kurier NEWS on schau TV and online on schautv.at.  If the link is no longer online, you can download the interview here.

Studies have shown that dowsing does not produce statistically significant results http://www.geophysik.de/beitrage/anmerkungen-zum-wunschelrutengehen/ Solving geophysical problems requires geophysical techniques.

Baumgarten gasaccident - Seismologists "hear" the bang on earthquake sensors (Press information of the institute can be found here).

Press review: kurier.at - standard.at - news.at - noen.at - Uni Medienportal


Nuclear Verification: Web Article in the uni:view magazine (Article here)

Volcano erupts on Bali, Interview of Dr. Fuchs Florian in the ZIB 2 of november 27th 2017 (Interview here)


Earthquakes: How large is the danger in Austria? (see pdf)

The International Master Programme "Physics of the Earth (Geophysics)",  for a brief overview film (see here)


Opening ceremony ot the Joint-Masters program "Physics of the Earth (Geophysics)" (further information)

UniClub Workshop. (further information)

6th Vienna Daughters Day. (further information)

The 2015 Nepal earthquake, Austria, and stalagmites. (further information)

Tectonic Deformation under the Eastern Alps. (further information)


Volcanic Eruption of Mount Ontake on September 27, 2014 (further information)

10 years after the Sumatra Earthquake and Tsunami. The Austrian journal "Die Presse" has put together information about the "christmas earthquake" of december 26, 2004 in Sumatra, and the tsunami it has generated which traversed the Indian Ocean, and killed many people.  (further information)


Blue whales at the blue Danube (further information)

Press photos of the head of department, Mr. Prof. Dr. Götz Bokelmann

History of Geophysics in Vienna (further information)

Science@ORF: Remainder of ancient in the Indian Ocean (further information)


Uni Vienna Broadcast: Natural catastrophies as seen by science (further information)

Geophysics at Viennese Universities (further information)

University of Vienna: what tears the world apart (further information)

Inaugural lecture of Prof. Dr. Götz Bokelmann (further information)


CTBT course enjoys worldwide interest (further information)

Article of Kurier: discussion forum University (further information)

ORF: the Earth turns faster now (further information)

ORF discussion forum: Japan earthquake (further information)

Japan catastrophy in the view of science (further information)

Effects of the catastrophy in Japan on Man and Society (further information)

Information meeting about the natural catastrophy in Japan (further information)

See also http://imgw.univie.ac.at/en/news


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