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Meteorologic Excursion Costa Rica

The meteorologic-climatologic excursion leads the master students from 18. to 30.6. to Costa Rica. At the southern pacific coast of the country, rich in species and clime, is the tropic station of the University of Vienna located, which housed us often in the rain season. So the meteorologists follow all the interdisciplinary fields of research to grapple active with the unique weather events, at the head enormous yearly rainfall quantities and their variations around Golfo Dulce, in the tropic station of La Gamba (www.lagamba.at).

To experience the appearance of a tropical thunderstorm and its heavy showers and to deal with the difficulty of a forecast is everytime a main point of this excursion.

Another focus of the excursion 2018 is the dismounting of the measuring instruments, which can not be run in this format. Therefore we have thank the Zentralanstalt für Meteorologie und Geodynamik for placing of precipitation gauge and thermometers at our disposal, and also Anton Dattler for the affectionate construction of the "perfect" weather hut, which will be from now in the measuring garden.
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