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IMGW at the CTBTO-Science&Technology Conference 2017

At this year's Science and Technology Conference of the CTBTO the IMGW was again represented with numerous contributions on detection of atomic tests, which is an important technical precondition for the implementation of the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty (CTBT).

From the geophysics group, Sofi Esterhazy, Ehsan Qorban, Felix Schneider and Prof. Götz Bokelmann contributed presentations on seismic methods for the On-site Inspections (OSI). Sofi Esterhazy chaired the panel discussion "Mobile Devices as Geophysical Sensors: Promising Paths and Blinding Alleys" with Paul Richards, Stephen Myers and Milton Garces.

Ehsan Qorbani was distinguished  with the Best-Poster-Award on the topic "3D Shear Velocity Model of the Eastern and Southern Alps from Ambient Noise Tomography".

From the meteorology group, Petra Seibert has made two contributions on radionuclide detection for the International Monitoring System (IMS). Further more she toke part on the panel discussion on uncertainty in atmospheric dispersion modelling. Anne Philipp and Cosima Jank presented the results of the Bachelor thesis.


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