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FracRisk Meeting in Vienna from 23.-24. march 2017

The city of Vienna has been chosen in 2017 as venue for the third FracRisk meeting. FracRisk is an EU-funded project, whose main aim is to investigate and help minimize the environmental impact of shale-gas hydraulic fracturing, contributing to make it a safer hydrocarbon exploitation technique.

The whole FracRisk consortium (visible in the figure, at the top) has been hosted by the University of Vienna, and took place at the Falkensteiner Hotel Margarethen on 23-24 March 2017. Prof. Dr. G. Bokelmann (in the figure at the center) welcomed the colleagues.

Dr. habil. C. I. McDermott (the second from the left in the figure) started the meeting with a general introduction of the project and key issues still to be addressed. For the consortium, the meeting was an exceptional occasion for open discussions about what has been achieved and the future steps in the necessary integration among the working packages. Some important topics have been presented, including modeling, monitoring and the regulatory aspects. This time, an EU project officer, Mr. A. Pangonis (the third in the figure from the left), attended the meeting as well, providing us with important information and feedback.

At a social evening, the consortium enjoyed local food at the Gmoakeller restaurant, and the city atmosphere during a night walk, entertained by Prof. Dr. G. Bokelmann who provided detailed historical insights – about the old university, Stephansplatz, and for those who made it there, the main university building on the Ring.

The FracRisk project will terminate next year, and the hope is to have contributed widely to issues related to shale-gas exploitation, also addressing the regulations and the public concerns.


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