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Friday, 15. May 2015

UniClub Workshop

Copyright Apoloner

After the Mathematics/Earthquake Workshop within the scope of the 6th Vienna’s Daughters Day at the University of Vienna had experienced a particularly positive response, the group of geophysics was requested to offer their...

Tuesday, 12. May 2015

Seismic hazard in Nepal and Austria

The disastrous earthquake in Nepal on April 25, 2015 gave rise to extended debates about the tectonic situation in Nepal, the earthquake, and the consecutive rescue operations - as well as extended media coverage about it.


Thursday, 16. April 2015

Exchanging news from the AlpArrays.

Foto: Bokelmann

At the occasion of the annual European Geosciences Union meeting in Vienna, the (seismological) AlpArray community present has met at our department, to exchange news about the status of the individual national projects, from the...

Friday, 10. April 2015

Excursion of the Department

On 9 April the Department has undertaken an excursion to the Conrad Observatory at the Trafelberg. After the previous days with winterly conditions and fresh snow of up to 25cm  the weather during the excursion was sunny...

Thursday, 2. April 2015

Geophysics Group Meeting in Cafe Central

Foto: Apoloner

The geophysics group had its tuesday group meeting in the Cafe Central, which was and is a popular meeting point for writers, politicians, scientists - and tourists. After an inspiring coffee and talks in this unique setting, the...

Wednesday, 25. March 2015

Tectonic Deformation under the Eastern Alps.

Bild: Bokelmann

For further information please click here.

Tuesday, 24. March 2015

Meteorological effects of the partial eclipse of the sun from 20 March 2015

Short-term build-up of temperature inversion because of the partial shadowing of the sun

Wednesday, 4. February 2015

New "Doktor der Naturwissenschaften"

Lorenzo Ramella-Pralungo superbly defended his Dissertation

"Global in situ upper air data for climate change research"

Tuesday, 27. January 2015

Weather extremes in the United States

The United States are currently affected by two very different weather extremes. While the East Coast suffers from a severe blizzard the Midwest and West of the US experience an extremely mild weather period. Already termed as...

Tuesday, 30. December 2014

New article on thermally-driven slope flows

A new publication by Dino Zardi from the University of Trento and Stefano Serafin from the Group of Theoretical Meteorology at IMGW has been published online.

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