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Thursday, 13. October 2011

Bachelorseminar WS 2011/12


Thursday, 30. June 2011

Inauguration of the Felix Exner Classroom

The closing weeks of this year's summer semester saw the grand opening of the new departmental computer classroom dedicated to the Austrian meteorologist and geophysicist Felix Maria Exner von Ewarten (1876-1930).The new...

Tuesday, 21. June 2011

6th to 10th of June: Participation in the geophysical field course of TU Vienna

Staff from TU Vienna, Vienna University and the Geological survey conducted a 5-day field course for 27 students of TU Vienna. Aim of the course was the geophysical exploration at the Schneealpe plateau (Styria), which is located...

Thursday, 16. June 2011

"Mountain Limits"-Article Scores 500 Downloads in 3 Months

The most recent article by M. Gottfried, M.Hantel et al., "Coincidence of the alpine-nival ecotone with the summer snowline", published in Environmental Research Letters, was downloaded 500 times from the IOP...

Monday, 6. June 2011

Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty: Science and Technology 2011

Between june 8 and 10, there will be the "Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty: Science and Technology 2011" conference in the Hofburg in Vienna.

The conference is organized by the

Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty...

Tuesday, 24. May 2011

Incorporated Research Institutions in Seismology (IRIS)

The university of Vienna is now part of the Incorporated Research Institutions in Seismology, as Foreign Affiliate Institution. IRIS is a university consortium sponsored by the National Science Foundation that is dedicated to the...

Thursday, 21. April 2011

Interest in the Geodynamics of the Alboran Sea

  The keynote presentation of Prof. Götz Bokelmann about "Geodynamics of the Alboran Sea" has been the most-frequently viewed internet presentation of the European Seismological Commission meeting that took...

Tuesday, 29. March 2011

Effects of the catastrophy in Japan on Man and Society

Due to the strong interest of the public, there was an information session on march 30 to present and discuss effects of the catastrophy on man and society in Japan and elsewhere....

Thursday, 24. March 2011

New computer classroom put into operations

The new Departmental computer classroom has been put into operations in March 2011. The remodeling of the computer classroom was initiated by Prof. Grubišić, who secured funding from the Faculty's Investment Fund as part of...

Sunday, 20. March 2011

Prof. Grubisic appointed as Director of NCAR's Earth Observation Lab

On July 1st, our Professor for Dynamic Meteorology, Vanda Grubisic, will take office as director of the renowned Earth Observation Laboratory at the National Center for Atmospheric Research, Boulder, CO, (see...

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