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Tuesday, 10. July 2018

Brainstorming Session about Severe Storms

The scientific session on convective storms was held on 5 July 2018 at the Department of Meteorology and Geophysics (IMGW). The main scope of the brainstorming session was introduction of an advanced method for studying severe...

Thursday, 21. June 2018

Meteorologic Excursion Costa Rica

The meteorologic-climatologic excursion leads the master students from 18. to 30.6. to Costa Rica. At the southern pacific coast of the country, rich in species and clime, is the tropic station of the University of Vienna...

Tuesday, 22. May 2018

Numerical simulation of Kilauea (Hawaii) volcanic plume dispersion

A second eruption of Kilauea volcano on the island of Hawaii (Big Island) erupted more powerful than the first occurred on May 3 and sent ash 30,000 feet into the air, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. 


Monday, 7. May 2018

Seismo-acoustic recordings of thunder recorded on the AlpArray

During the evening and night hours of Wednesday, May 2, a strong thunderstorm front has hit the eastern part of Austria. In a few hours, more than 100,000 lightnings sparked. The resulting thunder was clearly recorded by the...

Wednesday, 2. May 2018

Dust Forecast over Europe on 15-16 April 2018

The eastern part of Austria and Vienna at the morning and during the day on 16 April 2018 was affected by dust transport from Sahara through the Mediterranean. Some visible yellowish aerosol particles partially dissolved in...

Tuesday, 3. April 2018

Baumgarten gas accident - Seismologists "hear" the bang on earthquake

The deadly gas explosion at the Baumgarten substation in December 2017 could be heard more than 150 km away - but not by humans. Researchers at the Institute of Meteorology & Geophysics of the University of Vienna have detected...

Tuesday, 27. March 2018

Question of summerterm 2018: How to save our climate?

"Climate changes too fast" - Ass.Prof. Manfred Dorninger in the media portal

Thursday, 15. March 2018

Fairfield instruments arrived: ready for the next generation of seismic acquisition

After a long waiting time, they have finally arrived, here in our institution. We are talking about the Fairfield seismic sensors, which represent the “next generation of seismic data acquisition”.

Monday, 12. February 2018

Congratulation to PhD Seyed Omid Nabavi

We sincerely congratulate our colleague Seyed Omid Nabavi to the successful defense of his thesis "Chraracterization of Dust Storms in West Asia"



Following his studies of Geography and Climatology in Iran, he got a...

Thursday, 30. November 2017

Volcano erupts on Bali

Since one week ago the popular island of Bali is facing the eruption of the volcano Mount Agung. An ash column that is several kilometers high rises above the volcano.

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