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Excursion to windpark Bruck an der Leitha

Figure 1: Wind turbine with viewing platform (M. Weissinger).

Figure 2: View from the platform to southwest (V. Pruckner).

Figure 3: Generator in the heart of the turbine (M. Weissinger).

Figure 4: Wind anemometer with heating lamps (M. Weissinger).


On 28 September 2017 the project consortia of the project ICE-CONTROL went on an excursion to the wind park Bruck an der Leitha. Manfred Dorninger, Lukas Strauss, Stefano Serafin, Clemens Weiß, Maximilian Weissinger and Viktoria Pruckner took part from IMGW. The windpark is located roughly 45 km southeast of Vienna. It traces back to a former civic participation project in 1995 and was the first windpark in the region. In 2009 Verbund Renewable Power GmbH  took over the operation of the windpark.  One wind turbine in the park is equipped with a viewing platform close to nacelle height around 60m above ground. The platform can be reached via an indoor circular stair and after 279 steps. But then you have an amazing view over the landscape and you can feel light vibrations of the tower due to the rotating blades.


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